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The winery’s specialties are Rosso Conero “Julius” (Julius Caesar) and Rosso Conero “Traiano,” (Trajan).  Both brands are named for past Roman emperors, and a brief biography of the emperor can be found on each label.  Each wine is aged at least 18 months and guaranteed as DOC and DOCG wine, meaning the wine is produced in a specific, approved region and that traditional wine-processes have been preserved in proper representation of the Marche region.  The additional DOCG label indicates that the grapes come from the Conero area in the Marche region and that the wine was tasted and approved before being bottled. 

The wines sell for about 6 euros to more than 20 euros a bottle, and the winery sells more than 55,000 bottles a year.  The top buyers are distributors and stores from Oregon, New Jersey, New York, France, Germany and Japan, though Strologo enjoys selling regionally as well.
Strologo says the vintage process is the most difficult part of producing the wine --  the months spent harvesting, processing and then the waiting.  Strologo’s favorite part of the process relates to his hometown.

 “Our wine has a good impact on the Camerano community.  When I have to travel abroad, I meet people and tell them about my wine and my home and tell them that I am proud to live here and that this is where I am able to produce such good wine,” he tells the interpreter.  “I love that I get to travel the world and give a good image to Camerano.”

Wine has been produced and consumed in Italy since historic Roman times and is as important today to the culture as it was then.  Strologo uses the past to explain the present and his visions for the future.  “It is a way to continue tradition,” Strologo states, “though we use new technologies, we are keeping the tradition and history alive.”


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Silvano Strologo’s winery is open year-round.

Vigne e Cantina
Via Osimana, 89-60021 Camerano
+39 071-73.11.04


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