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"Crazy Bike Club" cont'd . . .

Biker Bits

Biking Glove Castellani 's team gloves and water bottle are necessities for the ride.

photo by Dixi Baldwin

The Crazy Bike Club began 10 years ago, when club president Galizio Caracenai and vice president Giancarlo Ramazzotti began inviting others to join them on their weekly rides.

Eventually the small group of seven or eight bikers decided to get team jerseys to wear, and chose the name Crazy Bike as their title, to distinguish themselves from other regional groups that had begun to crop up.

Both Caracenai and Ramazzotti took up the sport as a way to become more physically fit, and to enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Olivia and bike

The passionate trailblazing of Olivia Castellani is captured along the bike trails of Mount Conero.
Video by Averyl Dunn

(QuickTime movie)

Bike Ride

Camerano's many bike trails give Castellani many choices.

photo by Dixi Baldwin

In addition, the sport offers them a chance to meet other riders who share a similar passion for biking and reverence for the outdoors.

Castellani joined the club through mutual friends, and quickly established herself as a contender. “When people see women riding, they think it is an easy sport. But it isn’t true. The first time I raced, Olivia passed me,” says Caracenai.


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