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Ridolfi's Handiwork

Fabio Ridolfi takes great care in everything that he creates. From his home, to his wine, Ridolfi's work says a lot about his life in Camerano. He is a simple, efficient man who appreciates the beauty of art and nature.

Fabio's home
photo by Elise Castle
Fabio Ridolfi's hand-built home sits near Mount Conero in Camerano

Homemade Wine
photo by Elise Castle
Ridolfi relaxes with a glass of his organic wine, made from last year's grapes.
photo by Elise Castle
Visitors to Ridolfi's organic farm are greeted by this hand-carved totem.
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Taste Fabio Ridolfi's life as an organic farmer and as an artist. Experience the beauty of his work.

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Take a closer look at some of Fabio Ridolfi's handiwork.

Fabio's home
Ridolfi's home
homemade wine
Homemade Wine
handcrafted totem
Hand Carved Totem



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