Scenes and stories from a small town in the hills of Italy's Le Marche region

"Lives of vineyard workers arduous" continued . . .

On typical day workers waking up and showering at 8am and listen to directions from Strologo about what they are expected to do that particular day.During the harvest months, late September to October, workers pick the grapes from the vines.During the off-season, in summer, employees are assigned to green work,” lifting the grapes up to help them obtain more light.

Throughout the day, Strologo supervises the workers. About noon, the workers take an afternoon break for about two hours to eat lunch before returning to the vineyard at 2:30 p.m. By 6:30 p.m. they are finished with their work in the vineyard for the day.


Wine bottles.

Photo by Elliott Yancey

Wine is ready for packing and shipping.

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Wine tasting.

Photo by Elliott Yancey

A first taste.

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